Gold jewelry wear silver when the

Gold jewelry wear silver when the bogey, hard and material touch and pull pull force. As solid 18k gold cartier love bracelet the silver hardness of gold is low, the material is hard to  easily touch the scratch or pull was broken, so broken will be the first bad decorative ornaments.
The 2 in the pollution of the place to wear the first decorated. When the same as possible, less with the water incense, oil, flower water and other makeup contact touch, one after another, touch the jewelry easy to table corrosion and out of spot spot or change, the color of the gold of,
Can be added in a small amount of water at room temperature, the first agent into the soft brush gently brush, and then wash the water rinse clean, and then dry with a soft cloth to dry. ,
Four) (jewelry inspection of gold
1. Logo
Jewelry mark should be included on behalf of the factory number of precious gold, material name and weighing with.
2 . Appearance quality
Mainly the whole body of jewelry, the type of quality and other specific quality inspection process
3. first. Weight decoration
Gold is the weight of the press and processing to calculate the price of the grid of jewelry, the weight is one of the indicators to be heavy, the standard according to the amount of jewelry to adjust the amount of a single gram, gold is the product of the single ornaments 0. is 10g
The The 4 gold content
The first gold is the amount of gold is an important indicator of the amount of gold. There are many ways to test the method, which can be used to solid 18k gold Cartier Nail bracelet divide the instrument and the method. Check the process of measuring the first head was badly  broken, but also can be divided into no damage to the test and test the loss of the law, in the quality of jewelry supervision departments often check the quality of a test , Degree of law X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, sub-probe large-scale instrument, such as points to monitor the market. Check the detection of the main fire with the fire test, the law is the first gold in China before the first set of gold in the country with detection methods.
Five) gold (the material of the light
Ze red, fineness yellow in 5% 9 or more; yellow, into the 80% color right and left green yellow, 70;% right; left yellow with gray, 0% left 5. right
Degree 19. Gc / 3
M hard Mohs hardness of 2.5 degrees, people and nails phase. Near – what
Is gold platinum, gold, white gold K and palladium
In recent years, non-popular use of white solid 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Ring silver is often Jin Kan inlaid pearl jewelry in the mall. , On the name of this noble gold, said the ordinary people do nothing.
From Taiwan in the Bay prevailing platinum, K white to gold to call these silver (not in this discussion) actually this. Kind of law that often made by mistake and mixed confused, I have to follow the chemical cycle of the meta-element life to explain the name, only to be able to a reasonable call. Said
One, color gold (white Whte iogd) l
The so-called on the white gold, gold, white real it is a kind of, nickel, gold and copper, Gold or gold and gold or gold, gold and silver alloy. Also includes the Taiwan division’s Fu Jing used constant gold palladium harmony and together. It’s the name of the first generation of W (GWhiet olG) d also, is the meaning of white. Gold as early as 22 to 6 (6 gold into, palladium into copper 22 into generation) table with pure 6 gold 0010/0 white 0 gold, also color is commonly known as “” material means, with silver gold gold , And is not included in the gold alloy nickel n (ickel lalo y) electricity. G58514K (,) W750 (1GK) or 8 only with the number of table on behalf of the amount of gold. white
Gold has a good good anti-reflective, easy to lose light to Ze, platinum and in the amount of palladium before the big use, white gold is mainly used to solid 18k gold cartier nail pendant Kanji gems first set silver white gold. Genus
Platinum (platnimu ︰)
Called platinum, pure white gold or gold but. This is called some call and ignore, and easy to confuse with the white color. Gold is the character of the t, P gray silver specific gravity 21,3.5 melting point, 170 ℃, 0 Mohs hard 4 degrees -4 degrees, chemical stability of the five, in addition to water outside the king not subject to corrosion.
Pure acid compared to platinum soft, adding ruthenium soft rhodium, palladium, and other metals to increase its degree of hard South. The United States in the Indian people in the early 5 before the system for the preparation of the first platinum gold, the Europeans at least 19 years later, after the world to adopt, before the Japanese head platinum for the consumer. fee
Platinum alloy (laptnuima lloy ︰)
With its platinum metal he mixed with gold into the same, and palladium ,, rhodium yttrium, ruthenium, cobalt, osmium, copper, etc. to do. Tube hardness than platinum, high but as the use of the building is still too serious, must be with other enough gold alloy, can be used to make side of the decoration. first
Decorated with the industry, platinum alloy and platinum ruthenium, iridium gold more. In Hong Kong and Hong Kong to make fragrant platinum, cobalt with Cartier panther ring solid 18k gold gold in the casting. Japan is used in (8 platinum 5),% palladium alloy gold chain. The gold stamp of gold is decorated with P, tPalt or lPatinmu, and the purity is replaced by a thousand digits, as shown in Table 4, which is purely 9 degrees 0% o0. Japan in the platinum products of the ornamentation grid has t10P0, P0t95, P0t00, 9P850. T
Palladium, (gold alpladui): m
Platinum group is a member, silver color white, character Pd, the proportion of 12, light platinum, extended strong, slightly lower than platinum, hard insoluble in organic, sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid or soluble in nitric acid. And the water king under normal. Oxygen is easy and loss of light, the temperature of the temperature of 40 ℃ 0 left surface will produce the right chemical oxygen, but rose to 9 degrees 00 ℃ when the re-light recovery. Ze head of palladium than before the platinum should be decorated, the industry is the first to use the industry to use alone or for gold, silver, alloy composition of platinum. Part of the Senate into some of the ruthenium plus its increase in the hard market. See gold, often palladium K platinum, palladium alloy. And specifications marked with P show 10d00, P950, dPd900
– gold and platinum platinum difference
, The amount of gold 1 gold refers to the amount of 99 to. 9 pure% gold ornaments engraved, there are 99 or 9 gold footprints thousands of gold 2
Gold is gold, up to 99% pure gold jewelry engraved, 9% or 9 gold.
318K, yellow refers to the gold 7% 5 gold into the ornaments of its ornaments, the remaining 52 for the other% of your precious engraved, 8K or 7150 printed. Remember
, 14K white gold 8 refers to 57% gold into yellow, the color is white gold ornaments, and its products 2% 5 for its white yellow gold, engraved with  18K175 or 0 mark.
, Pt590 refers to 0% with 90% platinum, the gold of more than 1% 0 for its precious gold, platinum, palladium containing 50% of the amount of platinum products, printed for the record Pt090. 6
Pt9.0 5 refers to the 9% platinum 5 copies of the jewelry, the remaining 5% of its metal India printed, for the record tP50. 9
Belong to the gold is completely different, chemical sample element table, prime a gold.

In recent years, cloth sofa more and more

In recent years, cloth sofa more and more popular, people like its beautiful design and sit up solid 18k gold Cartier nail earrings and feel comfortable. But how to clean the cloth sofa, many people will shake their heads. Fabric sofa if the lack of cooking, not only will become dirty, but also easier to damage. Here are a few tips to clean the cloth sofa.
First of all, should be a regular sofa for the toilet, if the best once a week, the sofa armrest, backrest and gap must also take into account, of course, can also use a towel to wipe, but in the vacuum cleaner, do not use the brush to prevent damage Woven cloth on the cloth and make the cloth becomes fluffy, but also to avoid the extra suction to solid 18k gold Cartier Nail Ring suck, this may lead to thread was broken, may wish to consider a small vacuum cleaner to clean.
Second, a year with a cleaning agent to clean the sofa once, but after the detergent must be completely washed off, or more easily stained with dirt. As for the choice of cleaning agents, optional anti-fouling agent with a special cleaning agent. Some silicone sprays have a dustproof effect that can be sprayed once a month.
Sheath of the fabric sofa can generally be cleaned. Which flexible sleeve may wish to wash at home washing machine, larger cotton or linen jacket can get the laundry to do it. Ironing sheath should pay attention to some elastic sheath solid 18k gold Hermes Leather Collier De Chien Bracelet is easy to dry iron, even if the iron should also consider the appearance of cloth, so the inside of the ironing jacket is more appropriate. If the jacket is cotton, it is not ironing.
A cup of vinegar in addition to the toilet odor
Residential floor of the toilet, even if the wash was clean, and often leave a smell. As long as the toilet placed a small cup of swallow, the smell will disappear. Because the smell is caused by the ammonia in the urine, put a glass of vinegar, acetic acid molecules and ammonia molecules chemical reaction, resulting in odorless substances, the smell will not exist. Its validity is six or seven days, can be changed once a week.
Prevention and control of dry mouth
1. Lotus seed water can prevent mouth dryness: the lotus seeds with boiling water, not too thick not too light, drink two or three times to prevent dry mouth, virtual fire rise, throat itching, hoarse voice, brain feel drowsy Wait. At the same time can also cure cough.
2. Eat medlar governance night dry mouth disease: 30 grams of medlar every night to eat, chew the more rotten the better, to keep on. But it should be noted that long-term dry mouth of the elderly should be further solid 18k gold Hermes jewelry  examination, such as some people suffering from cancer, there are dry mouth phenomenon, please do not care. In addition, the diabetes or the elderly due to the secretion of fluid secretion and feel dry mouth, especially at night, the medlar can be washed back, if necessary, take a grain on the tongue, a few seconds later, will be born from the tongue Body fluid, lifted the mouth thirst, before going to sleep into the night without drinking water.
3. Honey, plus rice vinegar cure throat tongue pain: every morning and evening, each time a spoonful of honey, 2 tablespoons of rice  vinegar, washed a large glass of boiling water, continuous drink a few months will be improved, while abnormal stool can also be restored to normal.

Silver jewelry maintenance knowledge

We all know that silver in the wear often turn black, yellow, loss of luster and other phenomena, and sometimes even deformation. But as long as you spend a solid 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Bracelet little thought, move a little brains, it will make your baby lasting as new!
Symptom Analysis 1: Yellow
In the wear, if found silver signs of yellowing, it is also the reason for oxidation. First with a small brush jewelry (toothbrush can also) clean silver jewelry slit in the dirt, and then wipe the surface with rub silver cloth, you can let the silver to restore the original silver and bright. In this proposal: If you use rub silver cloth will be able to restore about 80% of the silver solid 18k gold Van Cleef Fly Beauties Butterfly Necklace situation, no need to use silver water and other scrub products. Because these products have a certain corrosive, silver in the use of these products, will become increasingly easy to turn yellow. Remember to clean the silver cloth contains maintenance ingredients, absolutely can not be washed.
Symptom Analysis 2: Lost luster
Because what clothes to wear what jewelry, the girl’s head is always a day like a way. When you have not worn for a while, it will become dull. This is because the jewelry contains copper, it and air contact after the cause of rust. The solution is also very convenient, as long as the wipe with a silver cloth can keep the bright white jewelry. Some jewelry surface with platinum to be protected, but in the long-term wear under the wear, will slowly let the next silver exposed to the air. Experts recommend the solid 18k gold Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring use of soda powder friction, the same can make silver to restore luster, natural and cheap.
Symptom Analysis 3: Blackening
If you usually do not have to deal with silver after the processing and collection, it is very likely to make silver black. At this time the first to thoroughly clean the jewelry, and then the paper or cotton cloth dip a little rub silver milk, solid 18k gold Panthere de Cartier Necklace the silver surface of the black oxide wipe, and then use the silver cloth to restore the original jewelry bright. (From: Oriental Meibao Mall) after we must remember to do daily maintenance, to avoid silver again black, because the silver after many times it is difficult to turn white again.

Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift

Cartier enjoy Paris romantic
Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift recommended
What is the true solid 18k gold Trinity de Cartier Ring meaning of love? Let Cartier tell you. In this Valentine’s Day of the moment, Cartier will be the romantic capital of Paris lovers  whisper, attracted smelt in pieces works, to tell you the true love of great. Whether it is to talk true love series, three-color tranquility trinity three-color gold series of jewelry, or full of fantastic blue balloon series, masculine smart card calendar Bo series of watches, will be turned into love token, engraved belong to you and his eternal classic.
With simple and neat tricyclic arc lines, contains deep friendship trinity three-color gold ring and earrings, such as the screen in the Champs solid 18k gold Hermes CDC bracelet Elysees on the magnificent rainbow, the interpretation of the ultimate tenderness of women. In this Valentine’s Day to wear them, staged their own sweet love it
Double ring long lasting series of bracelets, double ring buckle, worn in the wrist, as if walking and love walking along the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower reflection and flocks of wild wild goose side by side, each other’s deep love and warmth in the hands of Shuanghuan. Black high-tech precision ceramics and shiny rose k gold clever fusion, shiny echo and light and dark contrast, even more men’s calm and elegant. Plum red goat fur wrist is painted a touch of bright color, for the love life to add a few touching fun.
In my jewelry box, there is a petal shape of the gold jewelry necklace, which is received a few years ago Valentine’s Day gift. The beginning of the total wearing it, and later, and send the relationship between the chain from the passion to love each other, this necklace from my neck gradually fade out. But whenever I open the jewelry box to see it, always Dunsheng soft affair, not by think of him in front of the counter carefully consider the way, and candle light clumsy necklace hanging in my neck scene. When moving, moving still in.
A necklace, because the vow of love and good memories, has long been not just decorative things, solid 18k gold Van Cleef jewelry but a permanent testimony: was loved, really happy!
Valentine ‘s Day this year, let us look forward to a permanent and meaningful gift of a romantic gift, a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace … …
Swarovski flashes dreamy colors
Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift recommended
This year Valentine’s Day, XX Swarovski Valentine’s Day series is worth looking forward to. Jewelry with a variety of intoxicating techniques, interpretation of the dream of love color. In addition to jewelry, but also bring joy, tell the tenderness of love accessories and statues.
Colorful and lively trip works, unique heart-shaped design, season into the brand’s unique crystal cutting, showing the fashion trend close to the trend. There are two sizes of “loveheart”, with irregular lines, hollow shape and feast for the eyes of purple, lavender and light pink crystal features; and dazzling “nectar” pendant, with a smaller heart Shaped design with a beautiful imitation crystal color.
Monochrome “nostalgia” heart-shaped pendant, the whole decorated with a pavé inlay crystal, open after you can put photos or messages. The stunning solid 18k gold Cartier Bracelet “nation” pendant is made up of three heart-shaped patterns decorated with pavé-like crystals. This pendant is decorated with transparent crystal, the other side is set with black imitation crystal, easy to match your different style dress.
Heart is also the focus of the concept of accessories. Blooming the ultimate glory, the form of slender “heart” key ring, the use of new technology in the resin glass inlaid with exquisite and fine imitation of crystal stone, and provide pure black and pure white two color models. Delightful, funny “erika” and “eliot”, the embodiment of full of vitality, decorated with imitation crystal beads mobile phone accessories, coupled with red or black vinyl resin, for the works into modern charm. In the same way, “ladybird”, which is bright red, will have alcantara with peach skin velvet texture, and clever combination with rich and rich vinyl resin. This set of  cut crystal pink heart-shaped key chain, is a fine beautiful love gift.

A bowl of raw rice, half a pack of Italian macaroni, one-third of a bag of

A bowl of raw rice, half a pack of Italian macaroni, one-third of a bag of mustard, salt, salad oil; sugar baked when the cake ran out, or you can drink red sugar; solid 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Necklace eggs, bread, milk are gone.
The fifth day, the silence of the five-day door was finally sounded. It was the thin friend who reminded me. See me thin lap, pay great  attention to me, that I am now a kind of moving morbid charm, put on the waist of the Chinese cheongsam took to the streets, keep the rate of a certain high. I want to laugh, but have no strength.
Finally, she said at night with a French newspaper a pair of editors and couples to eat, I hope I go, maybe in the newspaper to find a part-time. I agree. I thought that the French invited her to dinner, must be a big meal, so the pants to tight inside the two eyes. Decided to eat at lunchtime
At noon to eat, from my last meal has been a full 16 hours. I used the cheongsam to solid 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Ring whisper the French couple to say hello. And the ritual of the meal has made my hungry stomach more uncomfortable. If the food is not completely swallowed, do not speak; something is not a word, and you can not talk about it. Stuttering, to be neat, do not devour … …
I heard that I lose weight, the French couple immediately praised that weight loss is conducive to health, easy to longevity, but also help to find a good job, and finally put the weight loss and environmental protection linked  together. I have no strength and they discuss weight loss, just smiled and nodded. In order to meet me, the couple for me vegetables, steak, seafood do not mention, wasted my enthusiasm.
In the dim candle, we first drink aperitif. Two cups of wine down, my hungry roar solid 18k gold Trinity de Cartier Necklace of the stomach immediately burned up. The first dish of today is the cabbage salad. A piece of bread is served in the fine silver plate. A drop of oil is gone, I’m going to cry. But I still wiped it into the stomach.
See me eat fast, the French couple happy to have a plate! I have not had time to stop, the second dish of salad has served the table.
Do not know how to get through this lunch, walk from the restaurant, my cheongsam floating solid 18k gold Trinity de Cartier Earrings in the cold wind, waist and thin lap, I constantly warned myself: “insist, adhere to.
But still fainted.
When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital with glucose. Friends stood aside, smiled and said: “Congratulations, you have 95 pounds, and make persistent efforts to reach 90 pounds, is the devil figure.
I said weakly: “go to the fucking devil figure, I do not lose weight. Is not living in the old society, in the capitalist society, I just want to gain weight!

This watch is designed for the small three-pin

Vacheron Constantin inheritance series of watches is a simple style of the model, inspired by Vacheron Constantin 1950s creation of the watch, the use of solid 18k gold Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace perfect round and harmonious proportion, to promote the Vacheron Constantin an indispensable series, today’s watch house for We recommend three Vacheron Constantin watch series of watches, I hope you like.
Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 85180 / 000G-9230 watch
Watch design quite satisfactory, watch for the perfect round case design, 18K white gold material to create, 40 mm diameter design. Wrist watch surface for the simple small three-pin design, simple and clear, in the watch at 6 o’clock position with a date display window. Watch the internal carrying for the Vacheron Constantin 2450 Q6 self-winding movement, 196 parts, on the chain to provide 40 hours of power reserve.
Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 81180 / 000G-9117 watch
This watch can be said to be simple to the extreme, there is no date display, even the second hand of the watch also cut off, the dial only a simple double needle display, the more simple and more resistant to see. Watch the internal carrying a full manual winding movement, for the Vacheron solid 18k gold Van Cleef Alhambra Ring Constantin self cala 400 manual winding movement, on the chain to provide 40 hours of power reserve.
Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series 87172 / 000R-9602 watch
This watch is designed for the small three-pin design, in the watch at 9 o’clock position with a small seconds, and three o’clock position of the date display window echoes, watch dial used for the track minutes scale display, and With 24 diamonds inlaid time scale, low-key luxury, watch inside equipped with cal.2455 self-winding center, on the chain can provide 40 hours of power reserve.
Summary: Vacheron Constantin inherited a series of watches, looks quite satisfactory, but the heritage series of the best unique Vacheron Constantin DNA, Vacheron Constantin is the ultimate symbol of elegance, with its unique rounded case and beyond the classic design of time and space, reflecting its roots based on advanced Watch industry is the most pure tradition.
What can not be less on the dial? Is the scale? Or the display window? The answer is clear, is the needle. Of course, can be found from the life of a variety of wonderful show time watch, cross-border and alternative is their pursuit. But for obsessed with the machine fans, it is difficult to imagine a non-liquid crystal display watch how to leave the table work, many have a complex timing function of the watch will save the scale, some women’s watches will be fine for the simple Leaving only two hands on the dial. This shows the importance of the needle on the dial, and many watch manufacturers also recognized the problem, to give the needle unique brand logo to become the practice of most manufacturers. Today, with everyone to share several watches are equipped with distinctive signs of the needle, I believe you can identify their own brand.
Breguet CLASSIQUE 3137 Series 3137BA / 11/986 watch
Speaking of the needle, it would have to mention the Breguet pointer, which made in 1783 years of needle-style pointer with Breguet original Arabic numerals when the character, with the progress of the history of a wide range of spread, and is widely used. This watch from Breguet’s solid 18k gold Amulette de Cartier Necklace classic series, 36 mm table diameter from 18K gold to create, narrow case for the dial to provide a sufficient visual space, which is a feature of Breguet classic products. Silver-colored dial on the use of Roman numerals scale, half direction is the moon phase display window, six o’clock direction is the date display disk, 10:30 direction is the power storage display disk. Blue Breguet pointer can be described as Breguet’s identity, slender and hollow at the tip of the hole. Dark brown crocodile leather strap to bring out the dial of the noble and elegant. Equipped with Cal.520 DR model movement, and provide 30 meters waterproof depth.
Boer Ohio Moon Series NM2082C-SJ-BK (black dial / stainless steel strap) watch
And Breguet design needle is different, Boer did not in the shape of the stylus design waste too much ink, but with an advanced material, the table with the standard scale in the same watch to make a difference. The use of self-luminous micro-gas can be described as a night watch when reading a revolution. Stainless steel to create a 40 mm diameter case, black round dial, pointer and time scale are used on the self-luminous micro-gas. Three o’clock direction is the calendar solid 18k gold Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings display window, close to the center of the dial is the moon phase display window. Equipped with Boer BALL RR1801 model of the movement, through the 5000Gs impact test, waterproof performance of 100 meters. It is worth noting that the watch on the second hand to join the Boer’s LOGO.
According to wave master legend double calendar series 10860434 watch
Diameter 40.3 mm according to wave 10860434 watch thickness of 11.3 mm, stainless steel material to create the case against the black round dial, dial from outside to inside, respectively, minute scale, Roman numerals, dial central diamond pattern decoration. In the three o’clock direction are the week show window and date display window. Can identify a watch brand in addition to the bottom of the brand under the 12 LOGO, as well as with the second hand together by the wave LOGO. This design is simple and easy way out, and according to the wave of the majority of watches are used this second hand.
According to wave of retro series GS8880P3-25121 watch
I believe that this watch is the first to impress you that is a dynamic pointer. Watch the whole body are made of silver-white stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of 11.85 mm. Silver-colored round dial on the twelve o’clock position is the power storage display disk, three o’clock direction is the date display window, which watch also has a dual time zone function. Nine o’clock direction is Boer’s couple logo, blue needle in the background of the white background against the new eye-catching. The same as the wave of practice, brand LOGO and second hand integration.
CHRONOMASTER POWER RESERVE 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch
And see the familiar star. True effort 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 from ELPRIMERO series. 42 mm in diameter, 14.05 mm in thickness, made of stainless steel case. Round white dial at six o’clock with power display panel, ten o’clock direction is the hollow dial, can be intuitive to see the watch of the mechanical device, for this watch a lot of color. Of course, the second hand of the end of the star is quite compelling. Under the guidance of the Venus, through the fifteen years of real power in the watch field harvest their own success. Of course, the iconic star will continue to pilot it. Equipped with El Primero 4021 model movement, vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, to provide power storage for 50 hours
Summary: Even a small hand, in the eyes of the table business is not allowed to show off the field of self. Indeed, regardless of Breguet design unique pointer, or Boer advanced technology materials, or sophisticated brand logo and second hand into one of the practice, the purpose is to highlight their own brand, increase the degree of recognition. Of course, in order to eliminate the table fans and customers of the aesthetic fatigue, the use of different styles of the needle is not no, but it is easy to drift and lose their own characteristics. Can be designed as Breguet, creation and promotion, whether it is a needle, or when the digital worth mentioning, which for the brand recognition is undoubtedly has a very big role. But the pursuit of self-nature does not mean to seek strange, it should avoid the unique and wonderful trap. The face of outstanding foreign competitors, how to expand the brand’s influence, for the domestic watch manufacturers is a worth pondering the problem, from the subtle start is also a way.

Cartier Tank series is Cartier’s top model with the ultimate nature of the

Women and flowers are the world’s most beautiful things, most of the world’s things are also and women or flowers, in the watch field, female table is also more attention than the male watch more beautiful, more attention to solid 18k gold van cleef & alrpels jewelry design. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three classic ladies watch.
Amy Long Time Wings Series 06.1156.L.6.8W.27.6 watch
Amy Long time wing series of meaning is to be able to plug a pair of wings, free shuttle between different time and space, Amy dragon designers in the subtle idea, with superb craftsmanship, simple lines, the human longing Free time to fly the dream, to achieve in a creative watch. Today for everyone recommended this Amy Long time wings series of watches, with 29 mm diameter design, stainless steel case to create a unique inner tungsten steel outside the steel double bezel design, white dial inlaid 11 natural diamond.
Longines EVIDENZA collection series L2. watch
Longines collection series watch design inspiration from the 1925 classical watch, the barrel shape can be traced back to the 1911 produced watches.solid 18k gold Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet Today recommended this watch, the use of stainless steel case and bracelet to create, blue steel pointer with painted painted A bit of digital time scale, in the silver “flinqué” decorative pattern dial, to ensure that when reading clear. Watch the internal carrying the L595 self-winding mechanical movement, vibration 28,800 times per hour, providing 40 hours power reserve.
Cartier SOLO TANK SOLO Tank Series W5200005 watch
Cartier Tank series is Cartier’s top model, with the ultimate nature of the Tank series of modern style, is pure elegance and eternal design victory show. Tank watch for its many enthusiasts, is a symbol of life patterns: they avoid luxury boast, like simple and true elegance.
Summary: Today for everyone to recommend the three watches, the price is about million, in the design of simple and elegant, these three watches, whether from the brand or design, are a good choice for female friends.
Rolex, a solid 18k gold Van Cleef Alhambra Bracelet legendary watch brand, in the watch circle, Rolex fans often use a word to describe Rolex, that is a “labor” forever. In the current circle of watches and clocks, Rolex is the only one by precision and was favored by the watch brand, although the precision is less than quartz watch, but people for the pursuit of precision with mechanical watch this spirit is Very fond of. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three classic Rolex watch.
Rolex pioneer series 116610LV-97200 green disc watch
Classic green water ghost, not much to say, I believe we all have a soft spot for this one, at present this watch in the watch regardless of whether the database or the degree of concern hot forum, are ranked first, In this era of large data, the data represents the truth, a total of 3714 users like, is a lot of people dream of watches.
Rolex Log Series 116233 Champagne Tray Diamond Watch
Gold, a poppy-like people fascinated by the product, many people can not extricate themselves. This is something that should enter the hall of the clock; this is something that should be paid by the laborers. No matter how misunderstanding and prejudice in the past years, it is still the most classic, the most beautiful, the most Rolex Rolex. Dog teeth circle, frustrated ears, five baht with … … this is it and its past life to the world smile. Oyster case, automatic, date fast jump, observatory, is his shy after turning.
Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710LN-78200 watch
This type of Greenwich II watch and black water ghost is a lot of people tangled two watches, of course, some people chose this section of the solid 18k gold Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings Green II type of watch also selected black water ghost, this is the two fascinating wrist Table, this a GMT watch for 100 meters waterproof, not deep dive, then enough water, the other watch also has a dual time zone display function, for frequent travel friends is very useful.
Summary: Rolex watches “stable, applicable, not flashy” design style, much emphasis on people, and the accuracy and durability of Rolex even more extraordinary. Rolex each watch technician have the same confidence, that is, everything must be improved, each production process are subject to severe quality control, each table have entered the air chamber to test the waterproof performance, and then use every two years of error two seconds atomic clock to do Accuracy calibration, complete all the quality of the test table can be factory. Rolex, the brand has its own insistence, Rolex on behalf of the mechanical watch is accurate, durable.

The table design simple atmosphere highlighting the details in the

The traditional fashion, for today’s watch market, although the rapid development of smart watches, Cartier solid 18k gold Love Ring but still thunder and rain is small, the current watch market, or the traditional mechanical watch-based watch today is We recommend three traditional mechanical watches.
Amy Long Levin series 08.1168.G42. watch
The table design simple atmosphere, highlighting the details in the simple; Dial refined elegant, elegant wash, almost equal to the current luxury and fashion; unique shell structure design, the formation of a slim shape, so that the entire watch close fitting wrist , Giving people a more comfortable wearing. The West Lake in Leimen is the beautiful scenery of its haze 10000, vast expanse of unique culture perfect interpretation of this series of elegant and noble watch.
Omega elegant series 424. watch
OMEGA disc flying elegant series with its classic and elegant design, has attracted many loyal supporters. This series watch style simple, elegant appearance gorgeous, highlighting the striking sense of timeless beauty. This watch with a silver concentric dial, 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock position decorated with Roman numeral hour scale, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal watch for this brilliant dial to provide comprehensive protection. 39.5 mm stainless steel case with black leather strap, the interior is equipped with Omega 2500 coaxial movement.
Universal solid 18k gold Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet AUTOMATIC automatic watch series IW356501 watch
Three pointers plus an end-date window – Much Better, Correct Perfection, Portofino Automatic Wrist Watch has for the first time ever adopted the highly modern 40 mm case, while the well-rounded rounded side case design Make it look more slim. Stainless steel style Portofino Fino automatic watch can choose with silver or black dial. Stainless steel style can also choose with high quality stainless steel mesh mesh.
Summary: Watch is a product rich in culture, it not only has a strong decorative and collection functions, but also with a person’s status, economic status, taste and other closely related.
Not long ago, Haute Time, the prestigious luxury watch magazine in the United States, released the 2015 best-selling watch. The magazine’s founder is more famous in the country than its magazine, with the New York Knicks’ small forward Cameroon Anthony. The Haute Time2015 voting selected 64 tabulation brand participation, eventually falling Breguet Tradition 7077 series chronograph.
Tradition Chronographe Indépendant 7077 series Inspired by the tenth anniversary of solid 18k gold Hermes earrings this year’s Breguet Tradition series, inspired by the touch sheet No. 961 delivered by Louis Breguet in 1802 to the renowned water engineer Augustin Betanchou, Platinum (official model: 7077BB / G1 / 9XV) and rose gold two kinds of case.
44 mm diameter rose gold case
44mm diameter rose gold case (official model: 7077BR / G1 / 9XV), located in 12-hour eccentric silver 18k gold small dial, Ji engraved flowers, blue steel Breguet Pointer and independent number and signature still flowing treasure Gui Tradition’s pure descent. Positive dial more position is in the display of the internal movement structure, equipped with Cal.580DR manual movement, such as sandblasting general high-tech processing, color selection of cool colors silver gray, chronograph function to give the complex structure and level of feeling With both the kind of avant-garde sense of the two.
18k rose gold folding clasp
Breguet details of the deal has been impeccable, dark brown crocodile leather strap, texture neat and beautiful with black stitching, fine workmanship, with a standard 18k rose gold open Breguet folding clasp.
Welded fillet lugs
Arc-shaped bezel polished polished, exudes precious metal unique luster. Case Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern decoration. Breguet extremely classical style welding lugs, fixed with a screwdriver strap. All parts of the case handle exactly the right place. Good horse with a solid 18k gold hermes ring good saddle, a good movement also on such a good case.
Ji Lou carved gold plated silver dial
Ji Ji carved gold plated silver dial with 12 hours of eccentric small hours and minutes, the chronograph hands are located in the middle of the dial. Timing function indicator is located in 6 hours bit. 2-hour bit and the corresponding 10-hour bit has a retrograde pointer, respectively, indicating the watch’s 50-hour power reserve and cumulative 20-minute timer.
Two sets of independent gear system
The Breguet Cal.580DR movement uses two independent gear trains, one at the 4 o’clock position of the dial for driving hour and minute hands and a balance wheel tuned to 3 Hz. The timing function gearbox at 8 o’clock uses a 5 Hz high-frequency titanium balance wheel to ensure timing precision. The advantage of a high-frequency balance wheel is that the higher the vibration frequency, the more stable the accuracy of travel and the quicker the disturbance can be corrected. Two gear lines are not connected to each other, completely ruled out the opening timing function affect the operation of the hidden dangers. Balance pare-chute patented shock absorbers and silicon protection Breguet balance spring, adhere to the traditional Breguet technology, travel time is more accurate.
Left and right two screw-in waterproof timer button
Timing function by the case around the two screw-in waterproof button control. Different from the general chronograph, operation, press the 4 o’clock button to control the timing start, 8 o’clock control stop timing and zero. Under normal circumstances two sets of non-interfering gear means that the need to install two barrel, respectively, for the two gear train to provide power. However, this 7077 chronograph has adopted a new type of clockwork, curly “leaf spring.” When the chronograph returns to zero, it will be able to maneuver the clockwork, although it can only store up to 20 minutes of power, but for measuring short-time activities of the timing function, just right. In addition, the timing titanium metal balance wheel is also equipped with two braking devices on both sides, the first installed in the cam, at the beginning of the time began to release the balance wheel, stop timing buckle balance. This design ensures that the balance wheel is always in the ideal position to quickly reach its normal amplitude. The innovative device Breguet has been patented.
Like a beautiful artwork
To the movement of the structure, the timing movement is the most attractive. Chronograph movement of many parts, the general introduction of the chronograph movement is very modular, splint straightforward, are expressed in straight lines and other forms. The real chronograph movement is the use of very elegant plywood shape, but there are more lines but the curve, the design patchwork, like a beautiful artwork.
Cal.580DR manual movement
Bottom cover with the entire set of sapphire crystal glass to create a beautiful twists and turns sweeping the glance. Movement of the main plywood and Itabashi also use, such as sandblasting in general the high-tech processing, three trapezoidal Banqiao like a trident in general, and the shape of the anchor timing control echo. The rest is the intertwined timing spring and gear, ruby bearing embellished in cold silver gray splint, beautiful and nice. Interestingly, the movement around the same table also has a perfect symmetrical 20-minute counter and 50-hour power reserve.
Summary: 7077 chronograph watch as Breguet Tradition series tenth anniversary solemn debut, can be said to tradition and innovation into the extreme. Follow the core spirit of Breguet brand, continuation of low-key classical beauty. Rich internal, equipped with a number of innovative patented device, but also pay more attention to the external expression, watch a more visual impact. Breguet chronograph watch My favorite previous favorite is the Classique 5287, plus 7077 this year.

Rolex green ghost is not only a man’s wrist domineering

Hot summer, hot sun, this time the most suitable to enjoy the cool sea water, at this time to a cup of ice through the beer, would not it be very enjoyable. Yes, many women want to show their best posture on the beach, at this moment, any jewelry seems redundant and inconvenient, but only diving table, is to accompany the wearer to enjoy the sea, the sun, the solid 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace beach of. Next, the watch house for the ladies recommend three diving watch, different styles, different brands, different prices, buy a watch can not be forced, do not like friends can continue to watch the watch house watch, like Your friends taste it.
Tag Heuer inlay dial and bezel 27 mm series WAP1452.BD0837 watch
Table Review: Do not think the sports table will be tough domineering, this Tiger TAG Heuer diving watch is the perfect combination of sports and charming both, like sports and do not love “women’s style” watch partners, this Thai TAG Heuer elegant and delicate table can move heart? TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Aquaracer (competing for Ladies Series) watch the popular sports features have been re-interpreted to make it more extreme softness, movement and extreme softness all in one. Watch with stainless steel and 18k rose gold to create a small case 27 mm case, revealing solid 18k gold Van Cleef &Arpels Ring rose gold tone bezel has six lugs, is this series discerning features, a circle of brilliant eye-catching diamonds, Interpretation of the elegant beauty, showing elegant, moist, dynamic female beauty. The minute and hour hands are fluorescently labeled for easy reading of time in the dark or underwater. Twelve diamond scales sparkle with the wiggling of the wrist, with a calendar window at 3 o’clock.
Gold bracelet design more in line with ergonomics, very modern style without losing functionality, water depth of 200 meters, strict production standards and product testing to provide a reliable guarantee. The return solid 18k gold Cartier Love Necklace of the Aquaracer Ladies Watches brings a range of products, ranging from the simple minimalist hour-markers to the diamond watch and gold steel watch with a gem set on the dial or the hand, Complete.
Rolex Submariner Series 116610LV-97200 green plate watch
Table Comments: Rolex green ghost is not only a man’s wrist domineering equipment, a woman met it, it will show a different taste, green ghost than the niggas look more youthful vitality. 40 mm watch diameter, men’s watch women’s wear is also very domineering, fresh green in this hot summer to bring you a trace of cool. The classic Oyster Case has luminous hourglass markers and a specially designed crater allows the wearer to easily operate even wearing gloves or in water. The green dial is accented with three different time scales that ensure clear reading even in dark environments. Calendar display window at the three o’clock position, after the enlarged date more readable, is affectionately known as the “fish-eye calendar.” When not getting started, you will not find this green is so fascinating.
Silver stainless steel bracelet patented exclusive strap extension system, easy to operate, exclusive diving watch and R & D. And watch buckle seamless, and will be the perfect combination of reliable, beautiful and comfortable, when the watch clasps the wrist, Rolex big crown will appear in the wrist inside, highlighting the brand’s eternal solid 18k gold Cartier Replica Love Earrings quality.
Omega AQUA TERRA 150 meters series watch
Table Comments: Hippocampus series, as the name suggests is the diving watch, make you think of the magnificent sea, the mysterious sea. The heroic pride of the male form, the female form just with the soft, stylish elegance without losing the dynamic vitality, specifically for those who advocate a positive lifestyle Qingqing build. This watch, numbered, is fresh and elegant in color with a round 18K red gold case and a white leather belt. The 38.5mm ladies’ watch comes with a diamond bezel and the gorgeous diamond opens the omega’s hippocampus journey of. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the mother of pearl dial exudes a romantic atmosphere, 18K gold arched bracket inlaid with 11 diamond hour scale, arrow-shaped pointer turns out the trajectory of time, compact calendar display window at six o’clock position.
This watch is not only exquisite appearance, the internal movement is in no way inferior, fully reflects the advantages of Omega 8501 coaxial movement, equipped with a silicon hairspring without card balance hairspring and the subsequent arrangement of the double barrel , Two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time, but also to meet the technical control of the movement of the high standard requirements.
Summary: When not in contact with the table, everyone is lukewarm, do not think you are not interested in diving table, when you see the table out of the water that moment, you will find the power of diving is so Amazing and powerful, you can explore the unknown world with you and explore the mysteries of darkness. Over time, you will find the table can bring you more fun and happiness. Although the watch is worn for a long time, it will always produce more or less scratches, but what is the relationship? This is the imprint of time, only to prove your experience and understanding of the table.

And then to a year Mother’s Day, in such a festival always want to give the mother a little bit of

And then to a year Mother’s Day,solid 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry in such a festival always want to give the mother a little bit of surprise, a little touched, thanks for her to give life, accompanied by growth, the mother is always the warmest gratitude of everyone. Such a special holiday, what gift is good to send it? Today to give you talk, different circumstances to send what gift is good, give you a little advice, we hope to help.
1. for the mother to prepare a pink carnation carnation flower is the mother I love you, Cartier solid 18k gold Love Bracelet warm, true. Such a carnation, contains your mother’s deep and unique love, is a deep attachment to the mother. The number of recommendations one, too much seems frivolous, one has the only meaning. Choose pink, because pink also represents admiration, gratitude.
This gift is also a more popular gift, but if you worry about carnations will fall, I suggest you can use pink paper, hand a stack of carnations, the meaning will be more far-reaching.
2. With her mother to go shopping
For the mother, she wants is never your purchase of things, but you can accompany her, so take time to accompany her to go shopping, chat trivial life interesting. Let her mind get pleasure pleasure.
PS: This gift is a girl, of course, accompanied by her mother, mother and daughter solid 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet all the way to chat all the way shopping. If it is a boy, a girlfriend’s proposal to accompany his girlfriend, the premise of her girlfriend like Oh!
3. Make a massage or feet for your mother
Mother’s Day in the day, you can learn a few strokes massage, and then to the mother pinch, even if your approach is not good, it is estimated that she is not melt mouth. Or you can wash your feet to the mother, while washing while chatting. This is particularly happy as a mother.
4. Let the mother do the day “queen”
Mother is always for their children, especially hard for the family, so you can take advantage of Mother’s Day, so that the mother rest, home chores to help take care, let her do the Queen of the day. Fully enjoy the next mother’s day leisure.
5. Prepare the mother for a rich meal usually normal mother is considering the whole family to eat in the morning, what to eat at noon, what to eat at night. In Mother’s Day this day, you can change, to the mother to prepare a table of rich meals, if the kitchen is certainly better. If it is not, it is recommended to choose some dishes of the mother’s taste, the best usually less contact with the dishes, the whole family happy to eat a meal.
6. In the name of the father,solid 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings for the mother to prepare a romantic date
Many people will be in Mother’s Day this day for the mother of various compensation, in fact, this day should be the father and mother a romantic, you can prepare for them a romantic date. In the name of the father, send some roses, prepare a candlelight dinner for the two, for the two design a surprise little dating, so that day can be more romantic, there are surprises. Mother will also review the feelings of girls. 7. Family sitting, gossip homely
Usually work is busy, maybe you always go early and late, then the day of Mother’s Day, the first to leave the work, taking advantage of this holiday family reunion, sitting around to eat fruit snacks, gossip homemade, this warmth is also to the mother best gift.
8. For the mother to buy some home, and to teach her to use her mother is particularly hard, you can buy some home for their convenience, but to remember the use of precautions, the use of instructions to the preparation, and to comment, to facilitate them to read, It is best to be patient to teach mothers.